I Just wanted to let all you lovely ladies in the infant and toddler room Know how grateful i am! it is such a relief to know that my son is in amazing hands while i am not around! Ms. Sally and Ms sandy you two are AMAZING I am so grateful for you! Ms. Ellen you are doing an amazing job with your child care center! I’m looking forward for the years to come with your center!!!
Kaleigh DILuzio

Miss Ellen, I do want to take a quick moment to extend my gratitude to you and all the women who have taken such good care of my son. It’s a testament to the quality of your program that his vocabulary & social skills have blossomed during his time there. At such a young age he has learned so much including being socialized, learning to walk and talk, learning routines and even how to clean up his toys! Thank you for everything! We hope we will see you again soon after the baby is born! Thank you again for everything! TSgt Heather L. Cekovsky MA Air National Guard

We would like to thank you for the care and kindness you have shown our son. As first time parents, we both were very nervous about having to find someone else to care for him. From the very first phone call you, Miss Ellen, put us at ease and helped us to feel better about being away from him. After the fist day, there was never any hesitation or concern when we dropped him off. Thank you for everything. After all the centers in Westfield that we visited, I know that you are the best at not only caring for the children, but for caring for us parents! lol.
Stephan and Christine

My daughter was a little over 2 years old when I enrolled her in Growing Tree. At that time, we were concerned that she would cry the whole time and it would take a long time for her to adjust. To our surprise, in the first few days itself my daughter started feeling comfortable around other kids and a little later she started looking forward to spending time there. I must say that the staff is very professional and caring and helpful to me and my daughter and Ellen manages the place with the best of care. The environment at Growing Tree is one that promotes children to grow, learn and contribute. I highly recommend this place for anyone is looking for an assuring place for their kids.

I’m just loving what I’m hearing about your center, and want to get our little guy on the list as soon as possible. I hear about your center every time I talk about finding a place for my son. Parents I know there are so happy about your place and always have the nicest things to say about your staff, the way they care and how much their children learn! I wish you had an opening now, but I will wait, because I have compared you to other places and my son is only going to you! Hope it is soon! (not that I am surprised there is no openings!)

Thank you Ellen! You are absolutely wonderful and we both feel that you truly care for each and every one of the families that walk through your door. You were so good about answering all our questions and emails and calls. We really appreciate you taking the time to show us around and for being so honest and open with us. Out of all the centers we have visited we have definitely decided that your center is where we want our baby to spend his days!

We have been with the Growing Tree for about 9 months. Ms. Ellen has been wonderful to work with, always willing to be flexible with our ever-changing schedules. We have had a child in the infant, toddler and transition rooms, and the teachers are all kind and caring. My three year old daughter loves her teachers and looks forward to going to school. Thanks, Ms. Ellen & the Growing Tree! You really are the best!
Kristen Wing

I’m a Senior at WSU and have been doing student teaching at lots of centers. I wasn’t able to student teach at the Growing Tree but I was able to tour it and I have to say I was very impressed. The Director requires criminal and DCF investigations before allowing anyone to work with kids(so I couldn’t student teach, as I had a time frame and wouldn’t get the results back and still have the hours needed before the deadlline). I’ve been in many centers in the area and not ONE even asked me if I ever had a check done or if I had ever had problems with the police or DCF. I COMMEND The Growing Tree! At the tour I saw how clean it was, how happy the kids were and how fun and even silly the teachers were. They like the kids and just as important they seem to like each other. None of that fakeness or the nitpicking between the staff that I always see in other preschools. I wish I could have done my work there. I WILL be applying though when I graduate I hope I can work there.
Melinda Barrows

I visited your site and it is just beautiful, adorable and I am planning to enroll my newborn in January. The rooms remind me of “home” and the Administrator had told me she designed the center to look more like home and less institutional and she did a great job at it. I like that is looks so new and clean even though it the center is not new. The teachers were so nice to me and because I am a new mom I was a little stand offish and not very friendly at first. I shot loads of questions at them and they didn’t miss a beat! I like that they know what they are doing and they are so happy at what they are doing. Teachers from the other rooms greeted me just the same way. I had come from a visit at another center and it was like I was interfering and intruding. I felt so much better at the growing tree and that is where my baby will be going. Thank you.

I just visited your daycare, I see it’s pretty nice. Thank you!
Thank you very much for all the time you let us stay there. Max liked doing the art with the other kids and he liked the teacher in there very much. It was nice that you let us stay as much as we wanted. It made me feel better. Thank you again and we will see you soon. Ninah and Max

Honestly, this is the first time I discovered a site like this. I really love your daycare center and gives me a lot to think about when I am ready to send Marie. I was a little worried about her reaction to other kids and after visiting you she was so happy. At the other places we visited it was very hectic. Your people kept the children very busy and it made it a lot quieter and a lot less crazy than the other place. I think we will be sending Marie soon. Thanks Dannie, Juan and Marie

To the amazing staff at The Growing Tree.
I just wanted to drop a note of thank you (long overdue) for the amazing way my daughter was taken care of while she was in your care in 2008/2009.
To other parents who are thinking of a place for their child during the day–My daughter Isabella is deaf but with the miracles of modern science is able to have access to sound via Cochlear Implants. She also has a huge peanut allergy. In turn, my husband and I wanted to have her in a place where her needs would be met. Where she would be safe and treated like the loving, sassy child that she is.
She was always greeted with smiles and warm welcome…as we were. The Growing Tree is a very clean, safe, well-rounded daycare where our little people can develop, learn and just have fun.
Again, thank you all…
Eva De Leo

My children ages 1 & 3 have been attending the center for a few weeks now and we love it. I was hesitant at first b/c they were never in daycare before however they adjusted well after a few days. The staff is great! Miss Ellen, Krista, Sandy & Vicky keep me well informed on my children’s progress and although my kids have good and bad days, I feel confident they can handle any situation. I trust them and feel that I’m leaving them with family. I like their security system, outdoor play areas, the various classrooms and their day to day routines. I really like that my kids are outside breathing fresh air and socializing with friends. I love their art projects. They are always unique. Overall, I have had a great experience at the Center. They are enabling me to go back to school and with their support I know I will be able to finish without the added worry of how my children are doing. If you are reading this and are unsure of daycare, visit them!! You won’t regret it!
Melissa O’Brien

Thank you Miss Ellen and all the wonderful teachers. My daughter has grwon such a long way since she started there 1 year ago. I appreciate all your hard work, dedication and love for all the children! You go above and beyond.
Thank you

I have to give Kudos to Ms. Ellen and her staff at The Growing Tree. My daughter, now in 1st grade, has excelled because of her care and learning at The Growing Tree. Ms. Ellen and her staff provide so much stability, growth and care for their kids, it’s unbelievable. Emily still calls it her school when we drive by. The hours are great, the price is great..and you can’t argue with quality curriculum. Like I said, Emily has excelled. She learned to read here and thanks to the enthusiasm of the staff, Emily has taken her reading above and beyond. She’s at almost the 3rd grade reading level. Thanks again Ms. Ellen for all the you do and provide for your families. God Bless!!
Becky Cortis

Sending a very warm and grateful \”Thank You\” To, Mrs. Ellen and Mrs.Sandy! for all of their hard work that they have provided for me and my son. Also, Thank You to all of your staff. You all do a great job at providing quality care for the children and families at The Growing Tree. Aedan is happy to part of your family.
Shannon L.

As a new mother I was very nervous about who was going to watch my son when I went back to work. Luckily I found The Growing Tree. Miss Ellen made us feel very welcome, and the teachers were all warm and loving towards my son. I knew I had found the right place for my son. He has been attending the school since he was almost 5 months old, and he loves it. He has learned so much there. It amazes me when he comes home and knows how to count and knows his colors, and he isn’t even 2 years old yet. I recently had another baby and I don’t feel the same worry about where I will take her when it’s time for me to go back to work. I know that I will be taking her to The Growing Tree, and I know she will be well cared for and loved there. I don’t trust my children with many people, but I definitely trust The Growing Tree. I feel good about my choice every morning as my son runs into his classroom and waves me goodbye with a big smile on his face!

The Growing Tree is a great Learning Center all around. My 2 year old daughter Emma had attended at Day care a year earlier and was miserable and it made my day so much harder to know she was so miserable. I kept her out of daycare for 6 months because I felt scared to put her back in. After hearing great things about the Growing Tree I decided to try to get Emma in and she was accepted with open arms. Within a week at The Growing Tree Learning Center, I could see how much Emma enjoyed it. It amazes me the new things Emma learns daily whether it be songs or classmates names or other things. I also love that the staff refuse to have the center labeled as a “day care” because they do really work hard at what they do. My daughter looks forward to school everyday.

I liked your child care, I worked with staff at this center as first aid/cpr instructor and I was very impressed with the staff and the center.
A lot of useful learning at this site and the place is clean and bright. I wanted to let people know, that as a professional, I would recommend the Growing Tree Learning Center as I have been at many centers and this one is top notch! I wish the best to all of you. I am heading to Ca and will no longer be teaching in your areas but I did want to thank you for your hospitality during the class.
I hope every one has happy holidays and a happy new year.
William Sawyers

Our twins have moved on!!!
After several great years at the Growing Tree, our twin boys have blossomed wonderfully.
The boys have learned important social and learning skills, with you, so much so, as to propel them into being accepted at a top charter school for their continued education.

Thank you all very much for all you have taught the boys! You had become a home away from home for the twins and you have felt like extended family and that too is very important to us. It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces! All the employees wore smiles EVERY day we came! We will miss you all! Sincerely,
Susanne and the twins (Jimmy & Jonny)


I just wanted to let people know that this place is relly teriffic. We are unable to enroll our son because of a job change, but if I remained or returned to WSC I would certainly enroll my son again. The place is beautiful, bright, clean and full of color and cheer. My sone was comfortable from the start. He cried when we left after the first visit. I wish they had more then one site, becuase Western MA needs more quality centers like this. The children were very busy with projects and one group was playing in a special room just for running around. They even have an art room. The little guys in the young room, you know, the terrible twos room? Even they were as happy as could be, playing while the 1 teacher played with some and the other young lady worked with them on a project. Check it out for yourself. I am sure you will feel the same way. Sincerely, Cora
Cora Schrieble

My youngest daughter, Emily started here in September, coming from a home daycare, and let me tell you..The amount of things that Emily has learned here is amazing. I never expected anything like this. I’ve always used home care for my children but I would certainly recommend The Growing Tree to everyone!! Ms. Ellen is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She’s very good with Emily and her staff is great too. I can’t say enough good things about this center. If you’re looking for a safe, secure, happy, nurturing environment for your child/ren, this is the place to bring them.
Thank you Ms. Ellen for everything you have done for me and my family. You are truly an angel. God Bless!!
The Cortis Family

Hey what is going on everybody? With my new job I am not able to bring the boys into school or pick them up. I miss going in there and talking with you all. I do have good discussions with the boys at the dinner table and they tell me all about there day. One thing is missing from the web site though and that is a picture of the Drew and Evan!
Ed West

We wish there was an open spot for all the children. We will definatley wait, even if we have to go somewhere else for a while until we can get in. Real nice people and rooms are so cute and we thought it was clean and neat. And one more thing. It was quiet and the kids were so busy and not running around. We liked that best!
The Salmenta Family

Hello. I just came across your site while looking for childcare in the West Springfield area. I found your site very well put together and I have to say that it has made me consider driving out of my way to possibly sent my youngest to your learning center. I look forward to visiting you after the holidays and I appreciate that you have this site to help us find a good place for our son. Thank you!
Kim R

Hi everyone, I am coming back soon with my little boy,Sean, and I can’t wait. It’s been boring sitting home (well not boring with the baby when he is awake!) I miss you guys and I will see you all on Oct. 24th. Good job with the web site Boss! It’s looking good! Love you all and see you soon!!

Hello and a big I miss you to The Growing Tree Staff! Hope everyone is doing well. Keep doing what you’re doing because you do it best.

We visited without notice & found it odd that there were no signs advertising the preschool to all the cars that travel by it on Rt. 20. We were greeted by a very professional Director who transformed into a bubbley, warm & welcoming “friend” to our daughter. You can not get in without a code! Wow, safety before money! The curriculm, staff & rooms are inviting & educational. We like that it is a Learning Center not just daycare.
A new Growing Tree Familly

AGREED! And I like it better than ever before. I thought I would hate the businesses built up around the preschool, but I really think now that it is done that it looks better than ever before! I too missed the woods, wildlife, privacy, but with feeders and flowers and bird bath and trees they planted, the birds are back and singing and with the fence, it has such a neat, secure and happy feel! YES! Thank you Growing Tree and ALL it\’s staff!
My son’s Mom

We all wanted to say that Miss Ellen/The Staff always finds a way of turning adverse situations into great things. With the building of KFC & Family Phone Store to each side of The Growing tree, & the worry about the effect of the safety & privacy, what a beautiful job She/They did in making the enterance to the school safe, beautiful and inviting! Even the birds have noticed! (We heard the birds were missed after the wooded area was torn down for KFC) We agree with Mr. West! GREAT JOB! THANKS
3 Moms

Hello! It has been a While since I visited the Site. Just thought I would say how good the Center is looking with all the landscaping and xtras.
Ed West

Great Job with the web site! It is so very inviting & I promise to return again for your updates!! Love all of the HTML features! Your web site creators are top notch!…Just like YOU and The Growing Tree Learning Center staff!

Thanks for challenging my son intellectually!! You are preparing him well for his future school years!

I just wanted to say thank you to Ellen and her staff for trying so hard to help me with my son and trying to get me into The Growing Tree.
<BR>Even though things did not work out and I can not bring my child there because I don’t have a car and the PVTA schedule doesn’t work out for me, I wanted to write this and say that I wish I could bring my son there and I will tell everyone about The Growing Tree and maybe someday things will work out so I can bring my son there. Ellen did everything she could to try and make it work and I can not believe someone would work so hard for a stranger she just met. She is a great person and The Growing Tree is a super place for children!
Just a mom who visited

;Keep up the good work, you & all your staff are wonderful !!!!

I love the web site Elli you did a great job. Your school is the best because of all the love you and the staff show to each and every single one of those kids that walk through that door, from the moment they walk in until the moment they walk out.

This is a wonderful facility and I really miss working there.

You did a very good job on the web site Elli. I think you have made it very inviting. Good job! The pictures are great! (especially mine)

As a first time parent, I was nervous to leave my son, Maxwell, at a daycare center. I was wonderfully surpised and delighted from the first moment we walked in the door of the Growing Tree Learning Center. Ellen has been blessed with a wonderful and caring staff that treats each child as if they were their own. My man is nothing but smiley when I drop him off and pick him up.

I want to thank Ellen and the Growing Tree staff for the wonderful care my daughter has had in the 5 years of being there. It is important to know your child is in a comfortable environment when spending 40 hours a week there. She has never cried when dropping her off and only has smiles on her face when I pick her up. I’m proud and amazed in the things she has learned. She is not at a daycare she is at a LEARNING CENTER!

This is great. I wish you and everyone the best.I have never known anyone who cares more for the children they work with than you Keep up great work. Love you!

As of a parent of a child enrolled at The Growing Tree, I can honestly say that the entire staff is devoted to the development and well-being of their students. The program strikes a great balance between learning, arts & crafts, play time and TLC.

Your school has always been great. Now every one will see how well it is run.This is a classy website.

You really know how to make the boring message board exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do for the next season/holiday! Keep up the good work! Like you aren’t already the greatest? WE LOVE YOU AND THE GROWING TREE!

A beautiful and infomative website for a caring and loving learning center. God bless you and all who walk through your doors!

Your center is teriffic now many more families will learn about it through the web. I look forward to read more comments about you and your staff and your school and this new internet site.

This is obviously a renewed beginning of a new generation of Child Care excellence in Western Massachusetts! Congratulations and Continued Succes!


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