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  1. Al Poullis

    I have known and worked with Elli for years and I can attest to her commitment to excellence. Her passion with children has always been very evident to me! Highly recommending her and her staff’s services at the Growing Tree Learning Center.

  2. Ashley Menwer

    After conducting timeless research, we concluded that the Growing Tree was definitely our #1 pick!
    Our son attended here for 2+ years and grew unexplainable bonds with all his teachers and peers, especially Ms.Ellen.
    We enjoyed hearing about his day of learning and of course receiving little gifts of art work he had been working on during the week.
    Being a military family, we appreciated Ellen’s attention to detail and her enthusiasm for the school year!
    Ellen, along with all the teachers, were amazing and definitely provided a loving/nurturing environment, yet also kept to a structure (which kept me happy as well).
    Unfortunately, our family had to relocate before my son’s graduation and transition to kindergaden.
    However, Ellen made the transition out a better experience for our son, who was very upset about the move, to being a more comforting /pleasant situation.
    We are forever grateful for the amount of care and genuine love they bestowed upon our little guy.
    We have yet to find another school that can compare with these qualities, even the most prestige prep schools cannot stack up to what the Growing Tree offers.
    We hope to spread the word about this school from Joint Base Charleston and beyond!

    -Menwer Family

  3. Eli

    Good Morning Ellen,

    Eli truly misses both you and The Growing Tree (including your hugs and the fish!). Albeit the weather has been terrific, it’s been a struggle to find a school or curriculum that compares to yours. Ash and I were always confident in our choice to use both your school and expertise. This experience validated said thoughts. You should be very proud in the level of work and dedication who have bestowed onto your school!
    He has, nevertheless started a new school, as the need of social interaction with other peers was apparent
    Hope all continues to be well and we’ll definitely visit during our periodic visits to New England (still own two homes ).
    Thanks for all you have done for our family!
    -Yas, Ash, and Eli

  4. commbits

    Test comment

  5. Aaron & Becky

    We highly recommend the Growing Tree Learning Center. We only trust the Growing Tree Staff to take care of our son. Ellen and her staff are so wonderful and such caring people who go above and beyond. Thank you for all you do everyday. And thank you for all your love and guidance. We know our son is getting the BEST care!

  6. Our Family

    This place is so amazing! I can not say enough about them. Miss Ellen has been there for us from the very first phone call. She was so sweet and kind and encouraging. She settled all our worries. We loved her before we ever met her. And her teachers and just the best. Every one of them. It took her months to find a teacher in one of the other rooms recently and even though we saw lots of people coming in for interviews, she kept looking until she found the one she knew would be best. Who does that?
    She is amazing.
    My son just adores his friends and teachers. He runs to the door as soon as I say its time for school. You can’t beat that. We feel so comfortable and we trust this school with our lives!
    If you are reading this. Trust me, you cant find anyone better!


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