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  1. Nicole Guidi

    Hi Miss Ellen,

    We just wanted to thank you and all the teachers at The Growing Tree for everything over the past couple years. The kids have grown and learned so much and we appreciate all that everyone has done to teach them and help them in their development. You all will be missed!

    Thanks for everything!

    The Guidi Family

  2. Ruasha Cotto

    November 14, 2022

    Dear Miss Ellen and amazing teachers,
    Please accept this letter as our official two weeks notice.
    I have no words to describe how greatful I am for taking us in when we needed you.
    I have grown up so much as a mother and is all thanks to you all.
    You were always available to talk, answered all of my questions and cared for my baby as your own.
    This past week we were able to develop a routine between work and school that works and allows Luna and I to spend more time together.
    Again, Thank you,

  3. Aaron and Becky

    Miss Ellen & Growing Tree Staff,
    It has been so great to a part of the Growing Tree family. Christopher and we are sad to say goodbye. Christopher has attended The Growing Tree since he was 3 months old. He has met so many wonderful teachers and friends over his 4 years with you. Thank you teachers for all the love, patience, support and education throughout the years. We will miss you all! Thank you Miss Ellen for all your hard work and dedication for making this all possible! Miss you, Love, Aaron, Becky and Christopher.

    • Miss Ellen

      Hope you are all doing well and we miss you all very much! We wish you all the best always and hope that you will stay in touch! After all, once Growing Tree family, always family!!!
      Big hugs! Miss Ellen and Staff

  4. Zimmerman

    Dear Miss Ellen, 8/26/2022

    On behalf of Calvin, Liz, and myself, we cannot begin to express our gratitude toward you and the entire staff at the Growing Tree. A parent leaving their child in the care of another for the first time was stressful and frightening but you and the staff made the process easy and smooth. From beggining to end we have always known Calvin was being cared for and loved while there. We cannot thank you all enough for the education he received while there. It was truly a blessing on our end to hear thr songs he would come home with or was able to point out the weather outside.
    It is with a sad heart that we must inform you that calvin will be exiting the growing tree program on 9/9/2022. We wish the growing tree nothing but success for the future. Once again, thank you all so much for everything you have done for us. We will always consider The Growing Tree a member of the family

    With love,
    Mike Zimmerman
    Elizabeth Zimmerman
    Calvin Zimmerman

    • Miss Ellen

      Hi Elizabeth, Mike, Calvin!
      Hope all is well with you! Just checking in to see how you are all doing! We miss you! We with you the very best always!
      Love Miss Ellen and Staff

  5. Reina

    > Hello,
    > This week is so bittersweet and emotional for me!!! Our last week at the growing tree! My 3 little girls have been blessed to be with you since they were 3 months old and now they are off to a new school. I can’t thank you enough times for all our long talks, your advice, love, and compassion you have given me as a fist time mom! I always went to you for any and every little question about my kids and you ALWAYS had the perfect answers and could make me feel so good about parenting. I will forever cherish our talks and will miss them as I begin a new journey with my trio. Ellen I may still need to call you from time to time and ask for advice as I admire and respect you as a mother, teacher, and friend! It’s so hard to say goodbye but on Friday I may 😢 cry.
    > Perhaps we can stay in touch and meet for lunch ?
    > I have something I ordered that’s very special and a little something I ordered for Sami as she has been with my kiddos since the beginning of time ! And Mrs Shauni has been the most present teacher the twins have had recently too.
    > I’ll send them In soon.
    > Love
    > Reina Pellegrini

    • Miss Ellen

      Just wanted to say hi and send our love to you and the girls! We miss you and hope that you are all happy and well!
      Please stay in touch!
      Miss Ellen and Staff

  6. Kayleen


    I first want to thank you, and Ms.Sammie and Jasmine and the rest of your team for the great level of dedication and love that you have put into what you do, and for providing such a safe and loving environment for Aubrey these last few months. She adores you guys and is always so happy to see you when I drop her off in the mornings, and you all have made it so easy for me to go to work and know she’s in good hands. However, due to changes that have occurred inside and outside of our working lives, 😔. this is unfortunately my two weeks notice to part ways with the Growing Tree. It brings tears to my eyes to take her from a place we’ve both grown to love so much, but I am so grateful for all of you and all of the love and time you have put into our little Aubrey ❤️. Thank you for everything, and we will both miss you so much!!


    Kayleen Joubert

  7. E

    We are so happy to be here for all of you! Once you are here, we consider you family! Always!
    We are so happy to hear from you and hope that we will always be in your hearts. You ARE in ours, always!!!!
    Miss Ellen and Staff

  8. Sandrae

    I hope you are well. We are doing fine and the boys are adjusting pretty well. It’s always good to communicate with you. Your always so warm and comforting we do miss and appreciate that quality in you.

    all the best.


  9. D

    In the hardest of times and in a time when the world seems unsettled and chaotic, The Growing Tree is a little piece of heaven for my children.
    The pandemic has made all of our lives crazy and took away the freedom of play away from so many children. But The Growing Tree gave that back in ways most would never think of. My children are happy, full of life and learning! My children are loved and encouraged by the most understanding and approachable teachers I have ever met. With 5 children in our family, I have met so many teachers and daycare providers. Because of the shortage of daycare now, I was forced to go to a place out of our home and work town. The Growing Tree is well worth the travel and I will not ever remove them. Miss Ellen was welcoming. In fact her first words when we enrolled were “Welcome to our family!” and with open arms, every morning, she does welcome us and makes us feel like family.
    Miss Ellen’s teachers are amazing and caring and so patient. My kids are not easy, but boy do they seem like little angles when I pick them up every day. Sometimes I cant get them to come home without a dozen hugs from their teacher first! They just love their teachers and the teachers take the time to give them those hugs.
    My youngest was not talking when he first went to The Growing Tree but now he is communicating with words and sign language! He is even using sentences. I can not believe how much he has progressed in his short time there!
    If you are looking for a great daycare call Miss Ellen. You will not regret it.
    Thank you Miss Ellen and all your amazing teachers. I can not explain enough how great you all are.

  10. Stephen Blanchard

    We can’t say enough great things about Ellen and the Growing Tree! We drive 22-25 mintues each way to go here and it’s well worth it. All the teachers are great with the kids and they’re always doing special art and science projects to keep the kids engaged. Thank you so much, we will miss you when it’s time for big kid school!

  11. Laurel & Joe

    The Growing Tree was recommended to us by a current family who attends school here. When our worlds got tuned upside down during the current pandemic, Ellen stepped up and applied to stay open to serve the children of essential employees. We have two children ages 2 and 7 and Ms Ellen welcomed them with open arms. From the first phone call, she put all of our fears and worries at ease. The very first day my 2 year old walked right in and felt instantly at home as if it was any normal day. She loved Ms Sammi and still talks about her all the time! My 7 year was given daily help and wonderful support with her school work along with age appropriate games, activities and crafts with Ms. Stephanie. It was amazing how seamless, organized and professional Ellen managed the emergency daycare. We always felt the girls were safe, happy and well cared for. We can’t thank them enough for all their love, courage and dedication during such uncertain times. Would highly recommend!

  12. Patricia Mulcahy

    I would highly recommend The Growing Tree.
    Miss Ellen and Sami have made my girls part of the Growing Tree family without me ever being able to step inside.
    A pandemic is scary, but losing daycare in the middle of it when you are an essential worker makes it so much worse. From the first phone call to the school I felt I was on the right path. I was assured that all safety precautions were being taken and that my one and two year old would be in excellent hands.
    The first masked drop off at the school was an unnerving one but it was made so much easier by the warm welcome we received. The procedures became seamless and every day since I have picked up two smiling and happy little girls.
    I now have a three year old who happily wears a mask and remembers her social distancing sometimes more than I do.
    A thank you is not enough for the comfort, care and love that has been given to us and the girls.
    Addisen (affectionately known as porkchop) and Ari will never forget their time with The Growing Tree.

  13. Our Family

    This place is so amazing! I can not say enough about them. Miss Ellen has been there for us from the very first phone call. She was so sweet and kind and encouraging. She settled all our worries. We loved her before we ever met her. And her teachers and just the best. Every one of them. It took her months to find a teacher in one of the other rooms recently and even though we saw lots of people coming in for interviews, she kept looking until she found the one she knew would be best. Who does that?
    She is amazing.
    My son just adores his friends and teachers. He runs to the door as soon as I say its time for school. You can’t beat that. We feel so comfortable and we trust this school with our lives!
    If you are reading this. Trust me, you cant find anyone better!

  14. Aaron & Becky

    We highly recommend the Growing Tree Learning Center. We only trust the Growing Tree Staff to take care of our son. Ellen and her staff are so wonderful and such caring people who go above and beyond. Thank you for all you do everyday. And thank you for all your love and guidance. We know our son is getting the BEST care!

  15. commbits

    Test comment

  16. Eli

    Good Morning Ellen,

    Eli truly misses both you and The Growing Tree (including your hugs and the fish!). Albeit the weather has been terrific, it’s been a struggle to find a school or curriculum that compares to yours. Ash and I were always confident in our choice to use both your school and expertise. This experience validated said thoughts. You should be very proud in the level of work and dedication who have bestowed onto your school!
    He has, nevertheless started a new school, as the need of social interaction with other peers was apparent
    Hope all continues to be well and we’ll definitely visit during our periodic visits to New England (still own two homes ).
    Thanks for all you have done for our family!
    -Yas, Ash, and Eli

  17. Ashley Menwer

    After conducting timeless research, we concluded that the Growing Tree was definitely our #1 pick!
    Our son attended here for 2+ years and grew unexplainable bonds with all his teachers and peers, especially Ms.Ellen.
    We enjoyed hearing about his day of learning and of course receiving little gifts of art work he had been working on during the week.
    Being a military family, we appreciated Ellen’s attention to detail and her enthusiasm for the school year!
    Ellen, along with all the teachers, were amazing and definitely provided a loving/nurturing environment, yet also kept to a structure (which kept me happy as well).
    Unfortunately, our family had to relocate before my son’s graduation and transition to kindergaden.
    However, Ellen made the transition out a better experience for our son, who was very upset about the move, to being a more comforting /pleasant situation.
    We are forever grateful for the amount of care and genuine love they bestowed upon our little guy.
    We have yet to find another school that can compare with these qualities, even the most prestige prep schools cannot stack up to what the Growing Tree offers.
    We hope to spread the word about this school from Joint Base Charleston and beyond!

    -Menwer Family

  18. Al Poullis

    I have known and worked with Elli for years and I can attest to her commitment to excellence. Her passion with children has always been very evident to me! Highly recommending her and her staff’s services at the Growing Tree Learning Center.


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