A child's thanksgiving treeSubmitted by Sasha/found at Family Corner

To make your own Thanksgiving Tree you will need the following:


sheet of white poster board, colored pencils, scissors, glue, tape, glitter glue, buttons, bows, scrap paper (torn in sm bits) paint, and whatever else you have to decorate with and all shade of red, green, brown, yellow and orage construction paper.

At the top of the posterboard, entitle your tree ie: “A Thanksgiving Growing Tree”, or Our Preschool Thanksgiving Tree”
in the title.

With a pencil on poster board, draw a basic tree with a branch for each child.
Using tempera paint, markers, or crayons color the tree trunk brown. On red, orange, green and yellow construction paper, trace both hands of each child. Cut out and give each child their “leaves”. Have children decorate ONE leaf any way they wish. Then ask each child  one thing that they are thankful for (write it for the child on 2nd leaf). Next, tape or glue the leaves onto their choice branches.
Hang up the Thanksgiving Tree where the whole school can see it. Makes a great conversation piece!

Hint: The teacher should make the TREE ahead of time so the children can attach the leaves as the finiish them for instant gratification.

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