The Growing Tree Learning Center,  Westfield, MA

Message to Parents

lexi2Take a break from your search for daycare, childcare, nursery schools, preschools, family care and nanny services and step into our Educational Playground TM, the perfect center for your childcare needs!  Visit our warm, safe and nurturing environment, educational curriculum and meet caring Faculty and devoted Directors at our all new, state of the art school at 451 Russell Road Westfield, Massachusetts!
We are delighted to offer you a peek at The Growing Tree TM.  We do so much more than simply care for your child.

Our services have been offered for all children ages 4 weeks through Kindergarten and Pre-1st for almost 20 years.  Our programs are flexibly tailored to the needs of you, the parent, at affordable tuition rates with generous discounts for 2 or more children.  We gladly accept Vouchers and we are happy to work on your behalf to try to establish grants for families in need who do not qualify for State funding.

We understand a decision to select a childcare facility can be stressful for the whole family; we are sensitive to your feeling as well as your child’s.  Whether it is your and your child’s first experience or a change in your current childcare situation is required, we will make the transition an easy, calm and positive one for the whole family.

3-gradsThe Growing Tree is a wonderfully happy, safe and motivating environment filled with all the tools and guidance your child requires to develop a strong foundation for success; educationally, emotionally, physically and socially!

And lets not forget health and safety!  Our entire team works diligently to ensure the safest and most healthy environment. Our Educational Playground TM is a place where you can feel confident that your child is happy, safe, healthy and educated.  What better gift to give your child and yourself!

Please continue your walk down the path through our site to learn about all the wonderful things we have to offer to you and your child. We hope to meet you and your family soon!

Most sincerely,
Ellen M. Daniels                                          

Founder and Administrator Director

Reciprient of the 2008 WMEF Small Business of the Year Award.

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