Our Philosophy

25The Growing Tree Learning CenterTM is much more than just a childcare center. We are an Educational Playground!  We are committed to excellence in care and education.  We employ professional, college degreed teachers as well as associate staff, guided under the supervision of Ellen Daniels, Founder and Administrator Director.   Ellen is committed to assure a highly informed, well-educated and dynamic faculty, dedicated to the quality care and education of each child.

Our Curriculum offers children the opportunity to work in groups and pairs, as well as the freedom to choose individual activities. Students are encouraged to explore and create at their own pace through curriculum lesson plans executed at an individual level for each child.  Children are also taught to share in the responsibility of maintaining an orderly environment.

Our students are guided in developing a healthy self-image and the awareness of the feelings of those around them. We believe, through our example and guidance, children will learn skills for conflict resolution and creating lasting friendships.

36The Growing Tree always operates under an OPEN DOOR policy, so that parents may freely call or visit our center, unannounced, as often as they would like!  Our Directors are happy to hear from you and answer all your questions or you may email us at [email protected].  Our Directors continuously strive to make The Growing Tree Learning Center your best choice for your childcare needs, and most exciting environment for your child’s pleasure and education!


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