Submitted by EMD

Here is a great holiday plan to help involve the child’s whole family!
Draw some turkey figures on brown construction paper and attach it with a paper clip to the following note for each child’s family.
Dear Parents,
The Holiday season is upon us!  Holiday = Family!  So to help you get into the Holiday and Family Spirit, your child is bringing home a piece of construction paper with a turkey drawn on it.  Please cut out the turkey figure and help your child use any items you find in your home to create feathers and decorate Tom Turkey. You may use real feathers, cereal, dry beans, tissue, ribbon, etc, but please try to avoid using only paint, crayons, markers. Please return these turkeys in for display by the Monday of 2nd week of November.

HINT: You may do this project for any holiday.  Decorate a Holiday Tree, New Year Baby, Spring Bunny or Basket, Patriotic Flag, ETC!

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