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ABC’s For Pre-K and Kindergarten children, it can be great fun to create a story together using a specific letter sound.  For Example: The letter sound for this story is “B” The teacher provides a starting sentence. (such as “One day a little”)  The Teacher then points to a child who provides provide a noun (the child might say “Bee”) The teacher then continues the story (making it up as she and the children go along, (such as “this little bee’s name was”) she points to another child (and they child might say “Betty”) (Teacher: “Betty Bee was very sad because every time she Buzzed it came out” Child: “Blunk”) And you just keep going on and on with the story, helping children with the letter sounds, enforcing the “B” sound throughout the story.

HINT: Remember to say “buh, buh Blunk” when a child gives you a word.  This enforces the sound, so if a child says “hee haw” you can say “buh, buh, hee haw?” and show them that is not a “B” sound!

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