by Kelly L.

This game can be played by 2 and 3 year olds, as well as 4,5 and 6  year olds, even all at the same time!  Using a painted cloth (twin size sheet) or 9 cereal boxes cut (cutting the face and laying down flat) stapled together to form 9 sections.  The idea is to give children 9 large sections in which children can toss a bean bag into.  Each section will have one number 1-9.  Each child is allowed 2 throws. With each throw, the Teacher asks the child what number the bean bag landed in, showing her fingers for younger children to help them count out the number.  On the second throw, the Teacher again asks the number, then helps the child add the two together.    When all children have had their turns, the teacher then asks the child who has the highest “score” who has the lowest “score”  (no score is a winner, this is to determine and help children understand the “value” of each number) At the end of the game all children receive a sticker or stamp.  The children really have fun with this game and can be altered to fit each child’s development. Some may just count numbers, others may name them, still others may add them and others may subtract!

Hint: The Teacher may keep a chalkboard or dry erase board close by to further assist and/or to keep tally of each child’s “score”.

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